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Dominique Tarlé

Dominique Tarlé is an acclaimed French photographer best known for his collaboration with The Rolling Stones. He moved to London in 1968 with the goal of photographing and documenting the rock 'n' roll scene evolving around him. The Stones fled Britain's punitive tax system in 1971 and relocated to southern France and the Villa Nellcôte, where Keith Richards had settled with Anita Pallenberg and their son Marlon. Villa Nellcôte became the location where the album Exile On Main Street was recorded, using a mobile recording truck connected to a basement studio.

Tarlé's beautifully evocative photographs from Nellcôte are celebrated among Stones fans worldwide. They have been published in a sold-out limited edition volume, Exile (2002). In an interview, Tarlé said, "... I realized that the images are much more important than the photographers themselves. For my part, I can only say that the whole game consisted of remaining invisible and having the least possible impact on what was happening around me."

Exhibitions with our Gallery

Stockholm 2009
P U G @ St Tropez

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